November 15, 2012

Opss! Sorry :/

Hello everyone :)

Just simple word, i want say sorry to all reader.. ouh! because i never update this blog for long time.. actually no "so long" just a month , MAYBE ~

So i would like say thank you for who was waiting for my update.. hahaha :D  wOw!! my sentence so "retis" right..hahaha. Ok! Stop it! i will explain a bit, reason that never update a month..

As you all know, i already moving to Shah Alam. So i didn't bring my lappy once.. because i think i must make sure, everything in house are safe! and now, i already know.. housemate and roomate are so friendly. The was house safe! :)

But i don't think, i will bring my laptop! Because i around off a final exam, so i want study.. i assure if i have a lappy, i not open the book.So better, i keep a lappy in my house (Petaling Jaya) not in my room (Shah Alam)

Ouh! yeah,.
I have freebies for all Google Chrome user! Yeah, just waiting for next update ok :D

all reader :D


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QasehnyaRania said...

it`s ok.. ;D

salam maal hijrah ;D