July 31, 2011

KFCM decide to break engagement with Elia

Heyp peeps ! Salam 1 blogger ,

in SNBJ, probably no one who knew the storm that hit
between KFCM with her ​​fiance,Elia..,when the various issues
that relate to the thirdperson in their relationship can not remain 
silent KFCM again , [myb he angry]

I know the story about me with other women is widespread in 
variouswebsites and blogsHowever, I would like to clarify all that
is not true.I am not a female foot or 'playboy'. It is all baseless accusations.

let's follow the expression of feeling goalkeeper Malaysia or known as KFCM :

Khairul Fahmi

ore issues to make their relationship (KFCM & Elia) more distant!
Elia also said he was listening to how I go out with other women
hand in hand. There are also some pictures have been spread on the internet.

in much the picture, only a few women I know. one is a dahlia.
she (Dahlia) was like my own sister, and we're just friends,
we also stayed the same village (Kelantan). Some say I buy a car
for Dahlia as a gift, but the accusation were baseless, absolutely! car
belonged to my sister, and the car was also the name of my sister.

The question is how these issues can arise?

There is also an issue I scolding Ibu Elia, and I do not deny
I did talk to the Ibu Elia but not scolding him, we
talk to resolve problems between me and Elia

I still love Elia, but when the situation becomes more murky,
I need to think long and talk to my family members and 
I decided to break our engagement strap

I was talking with Elia, and I did not take the easy way
but I think the best way to clean up the reputation of all parties.

I wish to emphasizethis decision not because ORANG KETIGA !

Many also say that I became more sure with the success I have.
Actually, I have not succeeded yetTravel career as a footballer
far. After allI'm youngThere are many things I need to learn before
I am prepared to go through marriage.

For the past two years, I am determined to focus entirely on football.
I do not want any controversy over the course of my career and inhibit it
one reason why I made the decision. "

source : METRO AHAD

shopping eid with @ratu strobery :)

Heyp peeps ! Salam 1 blogger..,

around 4 p.m,i going out with Madam Ratu Strobery
a.k.a Madam Sue! She pick up me at my house then pick up
her sister at Taman Dato' Harun,Pj. she was not drive but
her husband was driving to Shah Alam and stop at Jakel , 

wahh ~! *Bagaikandisyurga :)

from Uncle google ,

kainnya *TIPTOP!,but not take a long time that floor!
just going up to find curtains,find punya find,cari punya cari,
finally see jugak curtain yang berkenan!tehaa that was not intrested
about a curtain,also became crazy when go there.,OH MY,.. pleaz,
can't waste my money,i wanted shopping in Jusco,HAHA :D

ok, pleaz go pay faster , NOW ! menjerithatikuini , huh !

Then going to Jusco Bukit Tinggi,owh!this time i most LIKE !,
clothes,clothes and more clothes !! *bestgilergempak
finaly i finish around RM200, for 4 clothes..
 rasa nak shopping lagi at Jusco Bukit Tinggi tue,but i not having
someone to pick up me and going there :|

also from Uncle Google :)

*besar! tapixsempatjalan-jalanlamasikit,

disappointed with self , xnak ambik lesen cepat2 kan? 

lastely , i'm going back around 8.00 p.m but tehaa lepak a while 
di rumah @Ratu Strobery. then back to home,
and @Ratu Strobery spend his money to buy Nasi Lemak
not only that she also buying drinking for us !
@Ratu Strobery *THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :) ILY ,

anyway for thank also for pick up me at home and lets shopping eid together ,

p/s : person that i calling cikgu sue also as a
                               @Ratu Strobrey  <--- Klik to going her Fb

Shopping eid listing :
First Stage      :  In SOGO , KL !

Second Stage :  In Jusco , Bukit Tinggi !

Third Stage     : In IOI Mall , Puchong !

July 30, 2011

Ashraf failed in application to change its name was died

Hey peeps ! Salam 1 blogger ,

Ashraf Mohd Hafiz Abdul Azizwho failed in an application to change 
its name to Aleesha Farhanadied while being treated at  
the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital
in KualaTerengganu, 5 a.m.

He was admitted to the hospital a.m after sufferingheart 
problems and low blood pressure.

His father, Abdul Aziz Ahmad60when contacted, 
said his son is expected to be buried after Zuhur.

He said he waited for other family members to discuss where 
the funeral will be buried late.Doctor confirmed her son had a heart 
attack orunstable 'Unstable angina with cardiogenic shock.

Ashraf Hafiz25previously suffereddepression after the application 
is filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court to change the name of the womanwas dismissed on July 18.

Mohd Ashraf Hafiz who hails fromSeberang Takir, is seeking 
to change the name in the take MyKad to Aleesha Farhana Abdul Aziz after he was
transgender in Thailand two years ago.

comeS from  our Allah, and Allah also we got back ,!
 May Allah forgive his sins..

Ahsraf nak jadi Aleesha meninggal dunia

AL-FAHTIHA to arwah ,


source :  Malaysia Kini

July 29, 2011

shooting drama OR playing football ?

Hey peeps !, Salam 1blogger,

sorry if the top tittle so annoying, but i really-really disappointed 
with our team and their are involved a self in this game  , 
especially with the opponent , their NOT playing a football
but they was rehearsal in a field ! for their drama season ,

arggghh !, 
Singapore do a lot's drama in a field !!,

okla, tired off.

mood : disappointed ! STILL Harimau Muda in mind .

July 28, 2011

When they smile !

HEY peeps ! Salam 1 blogger ,


when i prepare for go to school, i think something about my frenz.
today they attending a council the resignation as a prefect, SO 
starting tommorow they no invited/participated from all activities school.
sound like cruel, BUT they need spend time for STPM !,

go, go chayook KAWAN !,

and end of day in school, i just smile when i see their face ,
bak kata Bruno : "WHEN I SEE YOUR FACE" ,
[i absolutely changes lyric, sorry Bruno] :) coz their face
going out all the pressure , was they keep a long time !.

i just want said : "KAWAN , you are awesome!"

something i like with their is ,
- when their see a Miss Z , they just smile and nod a head
   pretending like understand with all statement :D
- when their often get rid their self from Miss Z, HAHA :)
- when their tears together , bcoz of tired , T_T
- and when their smile after a council the resignation as a prefect, :)

p/s : "KAWAN , saya sayang sama kamu semua !! " 

counting days : Ramadhan

HEY ! Salam 1 blogger ,

Are you ready to fasting ?!

Tehaa actually excited when month of september coming !
bcoz that month having more blessing from Him, 
so, tehaa can't miss the opportunity.

let's recall back all memories in Ramadhan ,

when tehaa 7years old ,
i still with my "bottle susu" , when my mom told me, 
"esok puasa ye?" i just agree ! [smbil anggukkn kpla]
and i also don't bring my bottle susu to school [puasa konon].,
but when i going back to home, the first place i go that a
refrigerator ~!, HAHA :D 

when my mom recall all back, it's sound so FUNNY !

when tehaa in form3 , 
i already feel fasting in the examination hall.,
ah! did you how feel it, that time? ouuuhh..
so tired ! but that time just think the exam paper ,
don't care about nothing , just FOCUS and FOCUS !

and finally alhamdullilah i got a good result in my PMR =)

happy fasting , you all :)
don't steal food and drink okeyh !.

July 25, 2011

Tukar Chatbox Facebook: versi Google Chrome!

HEY! Salam 1 blogger..
rindu x, dgn chatbox facebook yg lama?

ha ! mudah sahaja , ikut step nie :

  1.  Buka Google Chorome ,

     2.   Install Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion <--KLIK 
         (open link in new tab)

    3. Log In Facebook dan Log Out dan Log In semula.

    4. Siap doh eh ! cer tengok ! :D


XDE DAH CHATBOX yg berjela-2 ,
dgn org xon9 pun di show kan, HAHA :)

utk pengguna Mozilla Firefox , sila klik
 Tukar Chatbox Facebook: versi Mozilla Firefox!


p/s : klu xjadi bgtaw eik?!

July 24, 2011

Jom Shopping Raya !

HEY ! Salam 1 blogger..
siapa dah shopping baju raya ? :D

Sebelum tue nak bagitau semua,
nie actually story semalam !. sori lambat sharing ,
semalam First Stage shopping SBLM masuk bulan puasa..
so, semalam gi beli dgn family jerx larh !

Semalam beli baju adik-2 and baju tehaa gak la ,
walaupun ti tehaa akan shopping Second Stage, HAHA :D
[namanya sambil menyelam, minum air]ayh pesan kat adik-2 :
"Tahun baju xle byk-2 ok?! da gi cari ps2 kumpul kat sini !"

Adik-2 tehaa pun berdesup cari baju , TERMASUK juga larh
adik tehaa yang bongsu tue ! dia baru 6thn taw, 
tapi bab baju dia, memilih no 1! kadang-2 dia boleh jd 
pakar runding ibu tehaa , HEHE :)

semalam duit baju adik jerx RM8++ (kuantiti 3 org)
baju adik tehaa RM3++ (kuantiti 2 org)

banyak kan? HAHA :D cian ayah tehaa,

p/s : kamu semua da shopping raya?
Shopping eid listing :

First Stage      :  In SOGO , KL !

Second Stage :  In Jusco , Bukit Tinggi !

Third Stage     : In IOI Mall , Puchong !

July 23, 2011

GAY dibunuh krn MENIKAHI wanita tulen

HEY ! Salam 1 blogger ..,
sebelum to nak credit to : PENULIS SENJA

article nie adalah drpd Penulis Senja,

Tehaa terkejut sangat bila terbaca article nie , mind tehaa
terus bertanya-2 kat mana berlakunya kejadian ini !
kejadian ni berlaku di Kalibata, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.

uh ! KES mcm nie pun ada kerw? takutnya ~

"kau nak takut wat pe, tehaa ! kau prempuan !" HAHA :D

ok-2, back to story , 
lelaki yang bernama Angkoro Pamungkas(AP) pada
mulanya bercadang untuk  akan menikahi 
seorang wanita tulen ! 

AP dibunuh oleh Amir Sahdin(kekasih) di bilik asramanya. 
mayat AP ditemui di Kompleks Parlimen, Kalibata, Jakarta Selatan
dalam keadaan tubuhnya berada di dalam sebuah beg plastik ini
kerana kekasihnya, Amir Sahdin ingin menghapuskan kesan
pembunuhan trsebut !


Akhirnya, polis dapat menemui PEMBUNUH yg sebenarnya adalah
pasangan sesama jenis mangsa ! PEMBUNUHAN ini terjadi krn sikap

p/s: AMBIL larh ini sebagai iktibar ye kawan-2. 

Domo Kun vs Angry bird !,

HEY ! Salam 1 blogger semua ,

ok , Tehaa nak tanya , sape minat DOMO-KUN ?!
HA! sape lak minat ANGRY BIRD ?!
oooooooo, ramai jugak nie[andaian sendiri] ,
hari nie tehaa nak bincang pasal tue larh !

as we know , DOMO-KUN adalah satu watak 
kartun drpd Jepun right? and sebuah karton bersiri !.
ANGRY BIRD pula , bukan karton bersiri ia adalah 
1 permainan video game.

Lain kan? satu karton bersiri and 1 lg vvideo game !

TAPI , nampaknya kedua-2 watak karton nie menarik 
perhatian orang ramai !. pada mulanya , tehaa xtaw pasal
DOMO-KUN nie, tau pasal ANGRY BIRD jerx! xlama 
lepas tue kecoh pasal DOMO-KUN !. wah ! xle jadi nie ,

so , tehaa search jela , dekat pakcik google n makcik youtube..

memang gelak ketawa larh , tehaa dan adik-2 tgk cite DOMO-KUN 
kat makcik youtube, :D  mmg comel sangat ,
Like-2 sengal jugak r DOMO-KUN nie kan? huhu , sorry ~
tapi BEST !!.

ANGRY BIRD?! tehaa kenal melalui rakan sekelas, 
dia selalu no main game tue, so tumpang larh sekaki , tgk-2 kan?
 watak-2 dlm game tue pun menarik, like pig tue kan? 
klu tehaa main , bkn ANGRY BIRD lg , tehaa angry sekali , HAHA :D

nie adalah game ANGRY BIRD !    

nie adalah watak kartun DOMO-KUN !

da penat membaca , jom layan cite DOMO-KUN yg tehaa
ambik kat makcik youtube :

1- DOMO-KUN : Headphone 
HEHE :D Boleh kerw dengar kat pokok !
*JANGAN TIRU YEAH!, takut org ingt giler lak , :D

nie video game ANGRY BIRD pulak, xle main , tengok jer !,

2- ANGRY BIRD : review 
semoga terhibur dgn video permainan nie !,
[WALAUPUN xdpt main larh !] HAHA :D

sekarang dah banyak jual barang-2 DOMO-KUN & ANGRY BIRD 
cuma tinggal bagi duit jerx kat makcik kedai tue ! :) kan? 
simple jerx!, kedai mana tehaa xtaw , tapi klu xsilap kat

haha , FIKIRLAH SENDIRI ![pinjam ayat nabil]

p/s : sape nak game tue, bole download di kedai-2 yg diiktiraf ok !

menarik nafas lega !.

HELLO , you all , did you miss me?!
Yeah ! i'm back !!,

First !, 
Laptop tehaa da siap dibaiki , SO tehaa 
ley mengupdate hari-2 :D INSYAALLAH 
klu xade masalah atau gangguan !.

Second !,
Tehaa di anggap seolah-2 melarikan diri?
DARIPADA siapa?. kawan-2 tehaa ,
NO la! Tehaa xpernah brubah sama sekali ,
mcm ne FAHTEHAA dulu , mcm nie larh SEKARANG !,

Third !,
STPM or Hari Raya Aidilfitri ?!
pilihan yang menakutkan !,
nak STPM , coz seumur hidup hanya sekali kan?!
yeah !, GO , chayook for STPM Tehaa !.

July 16, 2011

impossible ,

Salam 1blogger..,

Agak lama tehaa xmengupdate blog nie kan?
sunyi sepi jerx,.. tehaa ingtkan spnjg tehaa xupdate,
xde yang akan menjeguk ke blog tehaa nie ,
rupanya ada saja orang datang , tengok di shoutbox ,


macam xcaya kan? tapi itu larh sebenarnya ,
semuanya adalah member kaki blog dari @KBS ,


tapi hari nie tehaa nak cite , tehaa xtaw kenapa,
2minggu nie , tehaa ada masalah sikit ,
nak borak pun xde mood , MOOD tehaa melayang-2 !,
penat , myb itulah slh satu sbb nya ,~!

Tehaa ada gaduh dgn member G.O.Z  kerw?
xde larh , tehaa xde mood , mood tehaa xtaw gi mana ,
pening jerx rasa , rasa nak marah jer ! TAPI,
TEHAA rasa klu tehaa senyap i2 lebih baik kn?

so SENYAP jela kan?

p/s : kwn-2 jgn terasa ye? tehaa xmrh sape-2 !,

malas nak fikir !.

Assigment berlambak , Laptop xsiap lagi !
Salam 1blogger...

Laptop , macam ne aku nak siapkan kerja
KALAU kamu buat peragai mcm nie ,
tehaa nak wat kerja larh laptopku sayang ...
sabar jela, nak mcm ne la nak siapkan kerja-2 ku !.

sabar , dah hantar lebih 2minggu ke hospital(kedai)
xsiap-2 lagi kenapa? kata doktor(pkcik kdai)
kamu akan sht dlm masa 2minggu , TAPI
arggghh !! , NONSENSE !!

nie pun pinjam adik sedara punya ,
sabar jela!

July 8, 2011



*SILA ROLL ke bawah , utk entri baru*

ia akan menjadi sticky post dar 12/06/2011 - 08/07/2011

seperti dijanjikan , satu contest akan dijalankan !,
okeyh :D 

  • menjadi followers kpd cik syira awrr !. dan cik tehaa!.
  • wat satu entri, ambik banner atas nieyh , pastu masukkn dlm entri !,
  • eh-2 !, jangan lupa masukkan gambar "saya suka senyum" itu !, (akan dinilai)
  • JANGAN lupa cite "KENAPA koang suka senyum" (akan dinilai)
  • tag kan kpd 3org member blogwalking koang/member blogger koang!(bgtau diorg taw!)
  • ermm, pastu letak link korang dekat comment  cik syira awrr !. dan cik tehaa!. okeyh!,
klu xde pnyertaan dlm comment cik syira awrr !. dan cik tehaa!.  penyertaan adalah BATAL !, 
soh moh ler reramai , memeriahkan majlis yew ? :D

  1. Topup RM15
  2. Topup RM10
  3. Topup RM5  
 hadiah xmewah? UNDERAGE larh kawan-2 :D
sekurang-2nya , topup kamu bole diisi kan? betul x? HEHE :D
*kalau KURAANG 15 org = BATAL , ok?*

ADA pertanyaan? sila bertanya di FB tehaa !,

GOOD LUCK semua !,