July 28, 2011

When they smile !

HEY peeps ! Salam 1 blogger ,


when i prepare for go to school, i think something about my frenz.
today they attending a council the resignation as a prefect, SO 
starting tommorow they no invited/participated from all activities school.
sound like cruel, BUT they need spend time for STPM !,

go, go chayook KAWAN !,

and end of day in school, i just smile when i see their face ,
bak kata Bruno : "WHEN I SEE YOUR FACE" ,
[i absolutely changes lyric, sorry Bruno] :) coz their face
going out all the pressure , was they keep a long time !.

i just want said : "KAWAN , you are awesome!"

something i like with their is ,
- when their see a Miss Z , they just smile and nod a head
   pretending like understand with all statement :D
- when their often get rid their self from Miss Z, HAHA :)
- when their tears together , bcoz of tired , T_T
- and when their smile after a council the resignation as a prefect, :)

p/s : "KAWAN , saya sayang sama kamu semua !! " 

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