July 28, 2011

counting days : Ramadhan

HEY ! Salam 1 blogger ,

Are you ready to fasting ?!

Tehaa actually excited when month of september coming !
bcoz that month having more blessing from Him, 
so, tehaa can't miss the opportunity.

let's recall back all memories in Ramadhan ,

when tehaa 7years old ,
i still with my "bottle susu" , when my mom told me, 
"esok puasa ye?" i just agree ! [smbil anggukkn kpla]
and i also don't bring my bottle susu to school [puasa konon].,
but when i going back to home, the first place i go that a
refrigerator ~!, HAHA :D 

when my mom recall all back, it's sound so FUNNY !

when tehaa in form3 , 
i already feel fasting in the examination hall.,
ah! did you how feel it, that time? ouuuhh..
so tired ! but that time just think the exam paper ,
don't care about nothing , just FOCUS and FOCUS !

and finally alhamdullilah i got a good result in my PMR =)

happy fasting , you all :)
don't steal food and drink okeyh !.

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