July 30, 2011

Ashraf failed in application to change its name was died

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Ashraf Mohd Hafiz Abdul Azizwho failed in an application to change 
its name to Aleesha Farhanadied while being treated at  
the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital
in KualaTerengganu, 5 a.m.

He was admitted to the hospital a.m after sufferingheart 
problems and low blood pressure.

His father, Abdul Aziz Ahmad60when contacted, 
said his son is expected to be buried after Zuhur.

He said he waited for other family members to discuss where 
the funeral will be buried late.Doctor confirmed her son had a heart 
attack orunstable 'Unstable angina with cardiogenic shock.

Ashraf Hafiz25previously suffereddepression after the application 
is filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court to change the name of the womanwas dismissed on July 18.

Mohd Ashraf Hafiz who hails fromSeberang Takir, is seeking 
to change the name in the take MyKad to Aleesha Farhana Abdul Aziz after he was
transgender in Thailand two years ago.

comeS from  our Allah, and Allah also we got back ,!
 May Allah forgive his sins..

Ahsraf nak jadi Aleesha meninggal dunia

AL-FAHTIHA to arwah ,


source :  Malaysia Kini

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