July 31, 2011

shopping eid with @ratu strobery :)

Heyp peeps ! Salam 1 blogger..,

around 4 p.m,i going out with Madam Ratu Strobery
a.k.a Madam Sue! She pick up me at my house then pick up
her sister at Taman Dato' Harun,Pj. she was not drive but
her husband was driving to Shah Alam and stop at Jakel , 

wahh ~! *Bagaikandisyurga :)

from Uncle google ,

kainnya *TIPTOP!,but not take a long time that floor!
just going up to find curtains,find punya find,cari punya cari,
finally see jugak curtain yang berkenan!tehaa that was not intrested
about a curtain,also became crazy when go there.,OH MY,.. pleaz,
can't waste my money,i wanted shopping in Jusco,HAHA :D

ok, pleaz go pay faster , NOW ! menjerithatikuini , huh !

Then going to Jusco Bukit Tinggi,owh!this time i most LIKE !,
clothes,clothes and more clothes !! *bestgilergempak
finaly i finish around RM200, for 4 clothes..
 rasa nak shopping lagi at Jusco Bukit Tinggi tue,but i not having
someone to pick up me and going there :|

also from Uncle Google :)

*besar! tapixsempatjalan-jalanlamasikit,

disappointed with self , xnak ambik lesen cepat2 kan? 

lastely , i'm going back around 8.00 p.m but tehaa lepak a while 
di rumah @Ratu Strobery. then back to home,
and @Ratu Strobery spend his money to buy Nasi Lemak
not only that she also buying drinking for us !
@Ratu Strobery *THANK YOU SO MUCH ! :) ILY ,

anyway for thank also for pick up me at home and lets shopping eid together ,

p/s : person that i calling cikgu sue also as a
                               @Ratu Strobrey  <--- Klik to going her Fb

Shopping eid listing :
First Stage      :  In SOGO , KL !

Second Stage :  In Jusco , Bukit Tinggi !

Third Stage     : In IOI Mall , Puchong !

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