August 1, 2011

don't be a COPYCAT's person

Heyp peeps ! Salam 1 blogger ,

Tehaa actually feel sorry with some blogger , 
that have make a lot of tutorial or post , and i 
think make a tutorial are most difficult !bcoz' make
a tutorial, must make sure was the readers understand
with a tutorial or not ! 

Tehaa also having make 1 tutorial - Enter Pop Mcg!

Then tehaa don't makes tutorial again , bcoz' it's so 
difficult! and to do a tutorial must having a lot time
[bg tehaa larh, xtaw larh klu org yg da PRO mcm ne kan?]
so, if you want it i make a tutorial , i think after tehaa FINISH 
seating in hall examination of STPM , okeyh !

*bajetsangat like de org make request suh tehaa wat tutorial jer!

Oit , tehaa!bykgilers you merepeks , sudahsudahlarhtue ~! HAHA :D

 it's conclusion is to all blogger , if you have makes a tutorial ,
 it is from you or others? IF from a others bloggers ,
 PLEASE credit to a blogger's that you copycats a tutorial !

This not only can promote your blog, it can also promote
the blogger's!

p/s : please respect other's that makes something (tutorial & entri) 

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