August 2, 2011

plate was broken , glass pouring

Heyp peeps ! Salam 1 blogger ,

even tehaa not fasting  today , :D *jujursangatnie,
tehaa go to be annoying person in table, HAHA
but my fahter said go pray first then cant eat , ermm..
so i rushing go to toilet for crying ! hehe , no larh , for wuduq'

Tehaa have reasons , why i can't fasting, okeyh :D

okeyh! this time to i go to eating , but i'm lonely ,
coz my mom, father also my sista's going to pray jemaah.,
so eat , punya eating !

parmpp !! parmmpp ! *bunyipingganpecah taw , HUHU,

i kept screaming to my younger sister ,
"wiwi , JGN GERAK!" *macampengawaipolispulak ,
but she so stubborn sister , dia bergerak juga !
Then she crying bcoz her thumb was bleeding, 

tehaa angkt dia letak atas kerusi ,

then she makes face like this :

OMG !, tehaa rasa nak slap jerx , tapi i getting laugh 
pulak , HAHA :D
actually xsangka dia wat muka begitu !

ok, situ shj , getting off ! wanted going to Mosque :D

p/s : Let's terawih together , 

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