January 14, 2012

99% About What?

Hi, let's think if you have some one that you really love in your life. Change properly in year right?Sometimes we hoping in new year, have many beautiful moments in our life.No need sad moments, bcoz its NEW YEAR!

New year? 
now i not unemployed for one month.Why just for one month? bcoz i am now working as temporary teachers at Tabika Kemas with my aunt.This experience i never forget although just for one month.Ok apa, daripada takde :)

New Life?
Seriously i wanted to change my life totally but it changed must do slowly right? Studies for doing some business to get side income.What kind of business? just wait and see okey? Sabar sedikit, dalam proses pembelajaran ini :D

99% about?
Ok! this entry i make it 99% with typing in english 10% typing in Bahasa.Look like great or not? So sorry if my english make you annoying,i'm just try it! 

Please jangan kutuk sangat, at least i'm trying.KBAI :D


ijA said...

good trying.....

i can write in english but grammar tunggang langgang..langgar je grammar..

TehaaNFM said...

@ijA same like me.. takut when someone read it will became annoying..hehe :D