December 16, 2012

Why Should Running Man Come To Malaysia

Hye guys.. 
are love running man? Me absolutely much love running man.. I hope running man will cast in Malaysia...seriously running man have many fans in Malaysia.All fans hoping running will casting here (Malaysia).

That you know, #WhyShouldRunningManComeToMalaysia was trending top 3 on twitter...see at picture : 

Why Should Running Man Come To Malaysia? :

1- Malaysia have many beatiful place to do a mission for running man.

2- Running Man can do a mission try out making or eat food on Malaysia, like making a "Belacan" or eat "Sambal Belacan".

3- In Malaysia we have "Beca" with beautiful decoration, Running man can do a mission like find a costumer with ride with "Beca". 

Too many mission can do it, because Malaysia have beatiful place.


Princess Syazliyana said...

running man yaa.. tk minat pun..heheh tapi klw dia dtg malaysia pun best jugak >.<

NurSyafinaz said...

yeahhh ! running man deabakk !! haha Kim Joong Kook :3

Dunia Wilma said...

Best tu kalau running man datang ke Malaysia ^_^

Nur Syakirah said...

running man tu apa ?