October 30, 2011

Tagged #2 | Game

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Saya ditag oleh Cik Yana.

Soalannya :
1- which country do you like most?

2- if you are given gold and silver, which one you want?
    Of course Gold :]

3- what are you going to give as a present for your 1st date with your gf/bf?

4- what type of girl/boy you like?

5- which genre of movies you like most?
    Romantic and scream

6- do you love children?

7- what are your favorite comics/magazines?

8- do you have any pets? what it is?
    Not yet

9- What car do you  like most?
    Honda Civic

10- do you proud to be Malaysian?
    YES ! Absolutely pround be Malaysian

11- As Malaysian do you support 1 Malaysia?
     Of course i'm support

Thanxs for the tagged :]

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